Friday, August 29, 2008

American Thinker lays out "The Case for Palin"

Made before the official announcement.

My opinion? It looks like a smart move for the McCain Team: it will irritate the libs and hopefully swing the undecided (PUMA) middle. My only complaint about this woman is her obvious lack of national (read: D.C.) political experience, plus - what everyone complains about Obama - zero foreign policy credentials. Heartbeat away and all that...

But wait. There's more!

Something else to irritate the libs: Mr. Palin is a blue collar, 'modern' husband known around the statehouse as 'The First Dude'. He's also a big proponent of Alaska's oil and gas industry.

Oh. And he's an Yu'pik Eskimo who's won the 'Iron Dog' four times. One tough dude.

It's time for some campaignin'!

Update: The DNC talked n talked about progress for women, but (once again) it's the Republicans who lede the way with deeds & action!

How's that dead cat bouncin', Barry?

Updated update: Just a reminder; Sarah Palin Governs the State of Alaska. No small feat.

Ok. So there's a lot of wide open frozen tundra; tens of thousands of acres of timberland; caribou out the wahzoo, polar bears galore and darn few people, but that's a big job for such a little woman and my hats off to her!

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