Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Auckland residents protest 'boobs on bikes'

Only about 60 of them, though. Protesters, that is. (video) Really, really, you pervs - but it is safe for work.

Thousands more lined the streets to behold the bare breasted beauties motorbike in promotion of some hard core pornographer's 'business'.

At the center of the protest is the obvious - the moralists contend that porn exploits & degrades women. They resent the imposition of bare breasted women literally parading down one of Auckland's main streets to promote some pornographer & his merchandise.

Denise Ritchie, the protest organiser, says it was about raising awareness.

"We hope to raise awareness amongst the very people that need to see our message. Maybe some of these men have never drawn a link between hardcore pornography and sexual violence," says Ritchie.

The protest group walked silently along the street, protesting not about bare breasts, but against the free advertising they say the parade gives to Steve Crow and his hard-core pornography empire.

The Newmarket Business Association also protested that such a titillating tart train would adversely effect business.
"CBD business association Heart of the City recently spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on its 'big little city' marketing campaign. However the only advertising Queen Street is getting at the moment is around a tacky parade ... Potentially it's so damaging it could almost be viewed as a form of economic sabotage inflicted by one man for his gain only," says Brewer.

Council lawyers are now checking to see whether they can prosecute Crow for holding the parade without a permit.

My guess is those boys will spitting into the wind on that one. The pornographer took the city council to court when the council denied him a parade permit. A district court ruled in favor of the pornographer - and the women's civil right to go topless, just like men.

Them down under law schools must not teach that men & women are different. Of course.

I miss natural law.
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