Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Capt. Soros and the pirate ship DNC

This ain't no DisneyWorld ride.

MM details how George Soros is funding his sock puppet, obama, and their class-less marxist vision of the U.S. to the tune of billions n billions of marxist $$$$.

Ever hear of the "Open Society Institute"?

Soros has donated some $5 billion of his fortune to left-wing non-profit groups through the Open Society Institute — which is committed to Soros’s militant ideology of toppling the “fascist” tyranny of the United States, which he says must undergo “de-Nazification” in favor of “justice.” The mob at Obama-endorsing MoveOn, purveyors of the “General Betray Us” smear against Commanding General, MNF-I, David Petraeus, is the most notorious Soros-backed political arm.

And guess what? Republicans, like ol' Maverick, aren't immune from this siren's call of billions n billions of marxist dollars.
Birds of a Big Government feather flock together– and look out for each other. Watch your wallet.
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