Friday, August 08, 2008

"The Goode Family"

Poking fun at liberal lunacy one cartoon character at a time.

On ABC this Tuesday. Check local listing for time slot. Seriously. (click image to watch trailer)

In general, I'm no fan of these prime time adolescent animated amusements, but this actually looks like something worthy of the time it takes to program a TIVO.

Animation by Mike Judge, creator of Beavis & Butt-Head and King of the Hill. The writing is in the capable hands of John Altshuler & David Krinsky (both: Blades of Glory; King of the Hill; The Jetsons, etc).

The Goode Family is parody of all those loon toon enviro-moonbats who make a public spectacle of perpetual guilt at their very humanity upon this planet. vegan dog!

Of course, real life, loon toon enviro-moonbats are so one dimensional & single issue (think about it), this cartoon could fall flat after the initial sardonic humor is wrung out of it, but South Park has managed to be putridly offensive to, well, just about everyone, and its managed to hold an audience for years.

Good luck to the Goode family.

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