Monday, August 18, 2008

Hey. Remember Iran?

You know. 33% evil axis?

I know. We've been preoccupied with counting medals in Beijing, and Scarlett Johannson's threesome. Plus, there's that nasty business with Russia setting up nukes in South Ossetia. Not that the rooskies would ever lie, or anything.

But what about the weird beards in Persia? No ink for you guys. Or is it electrons? Either way, I'm sure those mad mullahs are still hard at work making water heavy, or enriching unstable elements, and hanging homosexuals, or imprisoning infidels. Good clean totalitarian stuff. No rest for the wicked.

So Russia has the world's attention. Iran's using the dust up for its evil axis sheenanigans, and it's still a dangerous world.

What's your pay grade again, Barry?

John Hawkins answers that question - and many more - with an interesting look at who should not be driving in a black diamond world fraught with deadly hazards.

In other words, you might be a liberal if...:

* You think the first thing we should have done when Russia invaded Georgia was to take the matter to the United Nations, where Russia sits on the UN Security Council.

* You spend your days criticizing the use of private jets, SUVS, and luxurious houses that consume enormous amounts of resources and then ride in an SUV to the airport, get on your private plane, and fly home to your luxurious house.

* You have more nice things to say about countries like Cuba and France than you do about your own country.

* You think the war in Iraq is unwinnable, but victory in the war on poverty is going to happen any day now if we can just get the Democrats back in charge.

* You won't even support English as our national language, but can't seem to understand why people worry about tens of millions of illegal aliens changing our culture.

* You think censorship is absolutely wrong; except when it's applied to conservatives on college campuses or on talk radio via the fairness doctrine.

* You get more upset about an American soldier accidentally killing a civilian than you do about a terrorist deliberately blowing up a school bus full of kids.

* You think Fox News is hopelessly biased to the right, but MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS call it right down the middle.

Rede it all.
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