Monday, August 18, 2008

"The least of my brothers"... at Saddleback

"A graduate of the John Kerry Bible College, Barack Obama is true to form. Like his mentor, Obama cites Scripture to bolster his socialist view of the world and make himself seem more “Christian” at the same time."

I've been on vacation so I missed the obamanator's public pious pandering last week at Rick Warren's lil church in the dell. But, La Shawn Barber read the transcript and gives a cogent & concise commentary as to why Barry hasn't figured out that he & pastors just don't mix all that well.

"Who among us is more vulnerable and needy than an infant, unborn or otherwise? Obama the “Christian” said he would not yield when it comes to a woman’s right to have her baby slaughtered.

To Obama, America’s “greatest moral failure” isn’t that babies are murdered; it’s that our “wealthy and powerful” country isn’t giving more money to the poor. (See Carol Platt Liebau’s comment on that.) Never mind that Americans give billions of dollars in charity each year, uncoerced by the government."

Update: BMW has a link to a ‘Best of John McCain’ video at Saddleback.

I'm still not thrilled with this guy. What comes out of his mouth now just doesn't match up to the milk toast RINO legacy he's spent his entire political career building.

The two hardcore McCain points that do send a thrill up my leg? Killing terrorists 'for the next hundred years', and appointing Supreme Court Judges to do what they're supposed to do: interpret law; not make it!

And that's about as basic as it gets for the executive branch.

*Sigh. Like I've said before, he's our pony in this race, so place yer bets!
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