Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's play: Spot the Headline Hyperbole!

First off, our prayers and well wishes go out to this bereaved family. The death of a child is an untimely heartache no matter the circumstances.

That's what makes this opportunistic yahoo headline so irritating! And the AFP story editor was no help, either. From India:

Boy Born With Two Heads Dies; Parents Couldn't Afford Health Care

This type of deformity is due to a 'parasitic twin' which malformed into the otherwise healthy body of its sibling. The chances of two headed survival are statistically zero.

Implicit in this hyperbole is the leftist utopian fantasy that all the people's money can provide all the people's universal heath care to solve all the people's medical problems. And it's just not true.

Life ain't fair. Sometimes new borns die & there's nothing doctors can do about it. For centuries, when dying was a foregone conclusion, death at home surrounded by loved ones was considered a blessing.

In the West, we simply want some else to pay for it - or sue the deep pockets when we don't like the outcome.

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