Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Missouri political landscape

Before we get on with the show, some pathetic news: voter turnout was light all across the state. Shame on you rubes. Either because of, or in spite of that fact, few polling problems were reported.

Get some coffee 'cause here we go!

Rep. Kenny Hulshof defeated state Treasurer Sarah Steelman in the Republican primary to face the unchallenged Democrat, Attorney General Jay Nixon, in this November's Governor's race.

Despite a fiscally responsible, "newcomer" first term, the current Governor Matt Blunt(R) is not running for a second term.

The Missouri attorney general's race is still a "rancorous" two way toss up, at least on the democrat side. It may come down to that dreaded democrat nemesis - a recount between state Sen. Chris Koster and state Rep. Margaret Donnelly.

State Sen. Michael Gibbons is the only Republican running for Missouri's AG.

And it looks like we have a new sheriff in the county: Mike Sharp.

As for all you Jayhawkers across the state line; nobody cares. Ok. Maybe a little.

About the only thing of note is:

Johnson County District Attorney Phil Kline lost his Republican primary race to Steve Howe. Howe was fired by Kline two years ago.

Howe will face Democrat Rick Guinn, another former assistant DA who now works in the attorney general's office.
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