Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 plus seven

Pentagon memorial to 9/11 victims to be dedicated Thursday.
Today, President Bush will lead the ceremony dedicating the first national memorial to the victims of that tragic day when four planes were hijacked and nearly 3,000 people were killed. The memorials at the site of the World Trade Center towers in New York and in Shanksville, Pa., where one plane crashed in a field, have been delayed by arguments over construction costs and design.

The two-acre memorial at the Pentagon -- with 184 steel-and-granite benches, each engraved with a victim's name -- is about 200 feet from the crash site, oriented along the plane's flight path.

TOL offers a "9-11 Remembered" slideshow.

Others, with much at stake in the GWT, attempt to recognize this solemn anniversary, but I'm pretty sure it will not be in memoriam.
Al-Qaeda Is Planning to Release 9/11 Video.

Speaking of Al-Qaeda, many people throughout the world, mainly in the Islamic world, don't believe AQ is responsible for 9-11. Their fingers point in varying degrees to the U.S. of A., Israel, and (?)Germany. But where on Earth is "other"?

Memorials aren't suppose to be political, but this tragedy looms all over our landscape in this election year: Why did this happen? Who is responsible? And what are we going to do about it? How McCain & Obama answer those questions will determine how this nation will respond to future threats.

The divide starts with the question: Why was America attacked?

McCain's answer is simple (or, as Obama might suggest, simplistic): The United States was attacked because a resurgent Islam has produced a radicalism that dreams of world conquest and sees America as the enemy.

OBAMA, by contrast, doesn't use terms such as "the Global War on Terror" or "Islamic terrorism." Nor does he claim that America was simply an innocent victim.

McCain believes that America is at war; Obama doesn't. McCain believes the United States can win on the battlefield; Obama doesn't.

WHEN all is said and done, this election may well have only one big issue: the existential threat that Islamist terrorism poses to America's safety. Since McCain and Obama offer radically different policies for facing that threat, American voters do have a real choice.

Update: SL has a comprehensive look back at AQ's comrades in America-Haters.

Updated update: Dirty Harry links to an interview with John Ziegler, Director of ‘Blocking The Path To 9/11′.
And then let’s debate how Hollywood isn’t in the tank for the Democrats but is money driven.

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