Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bird & Fortune explain subprime, banks and ruptcy (timely repeat)

An oldie, but (obviously) still very relevant little primer, now that the other $600 billion Lehman shoe has dropped here in the States - along with Bears & Sterns; Freddie Mac; Fannie Mae; Sturm und Drang; et al. Who's next? Morgan Stanley?

Merrill Lynch got their bacon saved earlier by a private Bank of America Buyout. And now AIG, the biggest insurance company in the States has Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer funneling even more of their money to pay the ubiquitous 'stupid tax' so prevalent on Wall Street this year.

The ROI sux! guys. ENOUGH!!

The bottom line get it? bottom line...Ahem The bottom line is we are watching the Nationalization of the Private Sector right before our very eyes. The death of the American Spirit. Don't worry. The Nanny State is here. It'll even pay for American Spirit's funeral. And change everyone's diaper.

The only rejoicing in Mudville is Geo. Soros & his minions who're probably sporting wood over all this gub'mint transfer of wealth.

On with the show!

Watch, as this comic duo of Bird & Fortune make the complex understandable (if not, maybe, a little too simplistic). Belly laughs, too! Should get University credits for this!

But, wait. There's more! As a double feature presentation, we have Two Guys in a Newsroom slicing n dicing yesterday's financial events. A little more pedestrian than Misters B & F, but very worth the six minutes of your life to know what the heck is going on!? as of Sept. 16th.

Meanwhile, 9% nancy & her myrmidon do-nothing congress continue to prove why they are total tools n fools.

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