Thursday, September 25, 2008

Felon with pistol & BP vest in car arrested near Obama home

His name is Omhari L. Sengstacke, of Chicago. He's in the Cook County Jail after failing to post a $250,000 bail by Cook County Circuit Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr. He's charged with trespassing and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

He made no threats against the Senator or his family.

Apparently, the man approached officer's guarding Senator Obama's Kenwood neighborhood mansion, and ask to speak to the Senator about employment. Omhari L. Sengstacke was rebuffed by the Officer's not once; not twice; but three times before being arrested. It was then the loaded weapon & bullet proof vest was found in his BMW automobile.

Court records indicated that Sengstacke has a lengthy history of arrests and has been convicted of forgery, theft, battery and aggravated assault. He was scheduled to appear again in court Tuesday.

JS at BPT puts an odd conclusion to all this suspicious activity:
"I am not going to accuse this guy of anything, but it seems strange that he was outside Mr. Obama's house with a loaded gun and a bulletproof vest. To make matters worst, he left and came back. Something stinks here....."
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