Monday, September 01, 2008

How the hurricane affects the Republican National Convention.

by Noemie Emery.


(2) Puts the spotlight on those friendly Republican governors--Haley Barbour, Charlie Crist, and most of all, Bobby Jindal, ...who will do their jobs competently, in contrast with the mess made three years ago by the Democratic governor of Louisiana,...

And I'll simply add that N.O.'s mayor Ray (memorial bus pool) Nagin's actions this time around will only serve to highlight how incompetent he was last time around. (But hopefully more lives & property will be spared.)

(7) Takes McCain from a setting in which he's uncomfortable (partisan leader of a partisan army) to one--national leader rallying a country in crisis--which suits him much better.

(9) Gives fools like former DNC chairman Don Fowler a chance to wholly embarrass themselves by chortling over the inconveniences he imagined the storm would inflict on the Republican party. Watch what you wish for, my friend.

Don Fowler spells compassion, "s.o.c.i.o.p.a.t.h."

But, wait. There's more! The worst person in the world gives too much airtime to a bloated socialist propagandist (who has a real bad problem with moral equivalence).

Pass the popcorn & clickey here.

Update: Bus! bus! bus! bus! bu... Of course, the apology is better than nothing, but what did you expect? What's truly disturbing is the mindset behind such a callous & opportunistic statement - particularly at the expense of millions of displaced 'working class families' that the dem-socs claim to care so much about.
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