Thursday, September 25, 2008

Omitting cell phone users may affect polls

This may not be such great news, since young-uns have a stiffer penchant for the mobile world than ol' land line geezers. And land line geezers are currently the primary pool of polling participants.

But, with a burgeoning bunch of the under 30 population ditching land lines (or not even investing in that old tech) in favor of cheaper, better, faster mobile phone tech, the pollsters will have to change their database base - which could conceivably shift the results left.

Combining polls it conducted in August and September, Pew found that of people under age 30 with only cell phones, 62 percent were Democrats and 28 percent Republicans. Among landline users the same age that gap was narrower: 54 percent Democrats, 36 percent GOP.

Similarly, young cell users preferred Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama over Republican nominee John McCain by 35 percentage points. For young landline users, it was a smaller 13-point Obama edge.

So how soon before they start polling via email?

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