Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rightwing 'plumbers' steal Ellsberg's private medical info

Oh, wait.

Dang. I gotta clean this 'slow glass'....

Leftwing Hackers Unlawfully Break Into Governor Palin’s Email.

Someone has hacked Sarah Palin's email account and stolen personal information. posted it on the internet this morning. Info like her children's photos, personal phone numbers, personal email addies, and recorded voice mail.

A stalker's wet dream. The FBI & Secret Service have been alerted.

Years ago, Dan Ellsberg was targeted by ‘plumbers’ during a re-election, and it grew into the scandal of a generation which made careers and toppled a president. That horrible scar on the American psyche is visible on the social/political to this day, and the Left is not shy about wielding it as a weapon when it suits.

My, my , my, how times have changed.

The memory hole is at work and the Left doesn’t seem to have a problem with THIS. The digital 'brownshirts' are at work.

And the nutroots cheer. It seems to be justified by ‘gotcha relativism’.

There-in lies the hypocrisy. Either uphold the law & apply it equally to ALL - or DON’T. Obviously, they DON’T.

But imagine the 24/7 all way the till the election, spittle flecked, vein popping screams & howls of outrage for republican blood if a CONSERVATIVE group had hacked Biden’s personal info.

And there-in lies the hypocrisy.

Nutroot dissonance at work.


The AP is refusing to co-operate?

Surber says McCain is right.

MM says, "Where are the privacy absolutists now?"

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