Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC delays; transforms convention into charity fundraiser

For those people impacted by the destruction of hurricane Gustav.

Many groups were heeding Republican presidential candidate John McCain's plea to begin the fundraising for Hurricane Gustav relief before the storm made landfall.

But, per usual, the loon toon nutroots have their heads up their collective (get it? collective.... ahem) butts, with anarchy, violence and destruction of their own, outside the RNC convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Loon toon tolerance & compassion. Of course.

Busload of Cub Scouts attacked.
Police cars vandalized.
Anarchists hurl concrete off overpass.

Loon toon nuts vow to stick it even farther, ignoring the plight of people in Louisiana
Police moved over the weekend to lessen the chances of disruption with a series of raids on houses in the Twin Cities. The raids targeted a self-described anarchist group called the RNC Welcoming Committee that has advocated blockades and other strategies to disrupt the convention.

In the raids, police seized materials including knives, axes, bomb-making materials, maps and anti-war literature. Six people were arrested, and were expected to be held as late as Wednesday.

"It's pretty clear that the point is to get organizers out of the picture," said Andy Fahlstrom, spokesman for the RNC Welcoming Committee.

But, wait. There's more!

Anti-war 'peace' protesters assault and terrorize groups of old folks in St. Paul.
Must be because these 'peace' protesters are so enamored with peace.

And, TAHBYCSIFH has photos and commentary about 'zero tolerance' for nutroots from the police.
Nothing like a bunch of tiny-brained imbeciles laying face down on the pavement in flex cuffs to start your day, is there?

Products of gub'mint schools, no doubt.

Just remember, folks, these loon toon nutroots expect their view of the world to be the only view of the world. This is how they define 'democracy'. Or else.
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