Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sí, se puede! Sarah (Thatcher) Palin

Surber declares love at first speech.

DP at DE says move over Chuck Norris & make way for Sarah Palin facts.

Sarah Palin is the reason compasses point North.

Sarah Palin’s enemies are automatically added to the Endangered Species List.

Sarah Palin’s hotness is the largest single contributor to melting polar ice caps.

The Northern Lights are really just the reflection from Sarah Palin’s eyes.

And from thongs to T-shirts, Alaska's ga-ga for Sarah!
Local and Internet-based businesses are cranking out Sarah Palin products -- from "Palin Power" maternity T-shirts to "Wonder Palin" thong underwear.

Once again, "The Girl Can't Help it."

Update: Video of Palin's speech. About 36 minutes.
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