Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"There's so many things they're doing wrong"

That is associate editor of The Hill A.B. Stoddard's assessment of the Obama campaign. And she's soooo disappointed in John McCain for not keeping this presidential race as a warm n fuzzy pet. No mention of the Obama sheenanigans. Of course.

Perhaps Ms. Stoddard is a gloomy gal by nature, but she's clearly disheartened by the bitter reality of Mr. Citizen of the World's stumble, nay (dare we say!), backward slide in the polls when nirvana was virtually within this light being's grasp!

She adds with almost breathless admonition for Mr. Citizen of the World "to watch his back big time" in battle ground states (Mich; Penn; NH), and notes that Obama "seems to have lost control of the narrative of this election."


So what are the many things the Obama campaign is doing wrong? Ms. Stoddard is more than happy to help.

1) "Stop talking about Sarah Palin."
2) "Don't say things like John McCain is computer illiterate."
3) "Stick to the issues, and again, stop talking about Sarah Palin."
4) "Get Joe Biden to stop saying he wasn't the right choice for the VP nomination, because he was. There's so many things they're doing wrong"

Some how I don't think they're listening - as the Obama campaign aims to shoot at their other foot. Again.

Up next: why McCain's presidential campaign is classic military tactic.
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