Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Again, it's not one world...

Kenya to deport U.S. author of critical Obama book.

(Jerome) Corsi's book, which critics say is meant to hurt Obama's poll prospects next month, questions whether he could be using drugs and insinuates the Democratic candidate is Muslim rather than Christian.

Local organisers of the book launch said Corsi broke no immigration rules but was considered an embarrassment. A recent poll found that 89 percent of Kenyans want Obama to win the U.S. election, versus three percent for Republican John McCain.

"His papers were found to be in order. His passport was fine, his visa was fine," Corsi's publicist in Kenya Peter Mbae told Reuters.

"But the government did not want him to launch his book on Kenyan soil. That's why he has been deported."

I'm sure the open borders/free speech absolutist/aclu crowd will mount a raucous protest at Kenya's D.C. embassy any day now. Any day.

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