Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Debate moderator: employed by FOX News; will publish book praising McCain (updated)

No big deal though. FOX claims to be 'Fair & Balanced', so it must be true. I'm sure Biden will get an impartial fair shake without a hint bias which might come from a conflict of interest in the success of the moderator's upcoming book. Journalistic integrity, and all.

With full disclosure. Of course.

Stephen Kruiser calls bvllsh1t!

Let PBS do what it does best: give wistful communists some crap to listen to during rush hour. You can’t have people who represent an entity that’s always complaining about not having enough government funding officially involved in presidential politics. If Gwen Ifill has any journalistic integrity (oxymoron?) whatsoever, she’ll recuse herself from her moderator duties.

She's got a book to sell.

Updated: Even the global socialists at Yahoo can draw a straight line.

And looky there! There. Right there under the lede paragraph: "Palin may be a formidable debater."

Hmmm. Sincerely positive or merely a bone to quiet the hounds about this Ifill conflict of interest?

Any other normally leftist information orifices out there feigning favorable?? Inquiring minds want to know!
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