Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Iraq civilian, U.S. troop deaths fall in September

More good news from Iraq which will, unfortunately (and per usual), get pushed to the back pages. It's a typical short article we've come to expect complete with faint recognition of such mortally encouraging good news.

But this time there's actually a genuine reason - besides BDS bias & globalist appeasement mania - for this not to collect long run accolades. Some kerfuffle on wall street & nat'l politics, I think?

U.S. combat deaths fell to eight in September, down from 12 last month and vastly reduced from 43 in September last year, statistics from independent Web site showed.

Violence in Iraq has fallen to around four-year lows in recent months, but militants have still been capable of large-scale attacks.

In short, Iraq civilian deaths are down more than 50% when compared to a year ago. U.S. troop deaths are down more than 500% from last year!

Naturally, one violent death is too many, and most of those deaths are at the suicidal hands of fanatical islamist anarchists, but when compared to the violent deaths occurring just in greater Chicago (Sen. Obama's hometown), Iraq is a pretty safe place for a war zone! (Yes, I would go and/or my kid...which she's schedule to do this month - E5 - third tour.)

God bless 'em all.
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