Thursday, October 09, 2008

Joe Biden has a foot sandwich at Katie's restaurant

you can get anything you want,
at katie's restaurant....
20 years ago.

Ann Coulter agrees with moi when she details the facts which show this guy doesn't have the ability to function as V.P.

But the heck with that. There's 24/7 nightly news about Katie wetting herself over which newspapers Sarah doesn't read while she sees Russia from her front porch!

It's all about the issues. donchano?

Update: LauraW puts forth an interesting theory of Leftist hypocrisy towards women's rights, in general, and their spittle flecked tirades against Sarah Palin, in particular.

They feel they have a natural right to decide specifically which women and minorities are entitled to some rank. That's how they show their love of diversity.
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