Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Last night's Pres. debate!

Uh. Never mind.

Ok. You talked me into it.

In a word: Boring. The grizzled warrior/statesman McCain vs polished professor/pundit Obama. A banal Brokaw lost the moderator reigns early on and was reduced to simply not letting the audience doze off.

Re-write the script, guys, before I throw my other shoe at the T.V.!

Between the two of 'em droning on & on about what pablum the gub'mint will spoon feed us all, it's ghastly apparent this nation wants to scurry down the far, far left, euro-style socialism rat hole.

The only stark delineation is a presumptive Supreme Court nominee philosophy & National Defense tact. And that's about as basic as it gets for the Executive branch.

Unfortunately, it's Bill Clinton's 1992 meme which rules the day. (It's the economy, stupid.)

God save the Republic.

In the morning light, it's a polling wash. The undecideds are still undecided.

JR over at PJ breaks down the particulars.

From across the pond comes analysis of the secret to Obama's winning ways: BIG money. Period.

Surber talks about Brokaw.

Tom Sowell asked, pre-debate, do facts really matter?

And Patterico has a poll you can take on 'Who won the Debate?'

Updated: Everybody else, and their dog, gabs about it here.

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