Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Almost official: McCain wins Missouri

The KC (red) Star doesn't even bother to report the news. It does, however, link to a blog which links to google which hosts the AP story of McCain's win almost official win.

Obama monogrammed kneepads will do that to an editorial board.

Updated update: Ok. OK. And the KC Star...

McCain Holds Slim Lead Over Obama In Mo.

"JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Republican John McCain keeps a slim lead over Democratic President-elect Barack Obama in Missouri.

Tuesday was the deadline for local election officials to mail their official results to the Missouri secretary of state.

At the close of business, McCain led Obama by 4,355 votes out of more than 2.9 million cast in the Nov. 4 election. But the state was still waiting on official results from three of the state's most populous areas -- St. Louis city and county, and Jackson County.

The day after the election, McCain led Obama by 5,868 votes. The numbers have changed as local election officials double-check their results and count provisional ballots.

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan has until Dec. 9 to officially certify the results."

Related in a good news/bad news sort of way:
Stevens concedes to Begich in Alaska Senate race.

The good news is that a corrupt, profligate, convicted felon RINO, like Stevens, is finally - finally- dumped overboard. The bad news is the Democrats pick up another seat in the senate.

Update: Speaking of corrupt & profligate, Rep. William (cold cash) Jefferson, D-La., will soon stand trial on bribery charges.

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