Thursday, November 20, 2008

Are White Homosexuals Protesting in Black Neighborhoods?

"Go down to Watts or Compton or up to Oakland (in front of black churches, not Mormon temples) and let them know how you feel! Plenty of black and hispanic enclaves in which to set up the protest shop. And they’ve got churches galore! What’s stopping you from taking it to the other group of people responsible for crushing your same-sex dreams?"

That's what La Shawn Barber asks in this post.

Her answer is as refined & genteel as is she, so, as a public service, for the sake of blog browser brevity, the arduous task of distillation for her erudition falls to moi- your humble, no talent hack to answer succinctly:

"Are you kidding me?! Do you really think that a bunch of limp wrist, panty waist, fruit cakes would dare get in the business of black folks, in their own neighborhood, when there are old white people congregating at Mormon Temples that make much easier targets for persecution?"

It's a gift. You're welcome.

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