Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Bellwether" Missouri's 11 Electoral Votes Still Up for Grabs

Nine days & counting. But it's only for bragging rights. Missouri's votes won't change the election one way or the other.

"“It certainly makes a difference to those of us who worked in Missouri,” said Pat McInerney, who helped organize legal oversight of the ballot for the Obama campaign.

They’ll have to be patient. Missouri’s counties are still adding up some 6,300 provisional ballots — votes cast, put in an envelope, and set aside until the voter’s registration status can be verified.

But the math is unavoidable: Obama needs about 90 percent of those uncounted provisionals to win Missouri, an almost insurmountable obstacle.

As of late Wednesday, unofficial Missouri returns showed Republican McCain with a 4,988-vote advantage over Obama, out of 2,921,869 presidential ballots cast.

Workers were expected to finish vetting Kansas City’s provisional ballots by this morning."

NBC has already called Missouri for McCain.

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