Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hard Times

Brothels see job applications surge amid ailing economy.

But the would-be hoes & sportin' house managers understand supply & demand better than nine percent nancy, and her myrmidon congress critters.

More Women Seek Work Amid Spending Slowdown by Clients.

"The irony for Austin (who runs Nevada's Mustang Ranch) is that while the money is drying up, more women are applying for jobs. "And the age group is going older," she said. "I had a 72-year-old apply for a job."

She says the poor economy has forced her to lay off 30 percent of her staff, unheard of in a business generally regarded as a printing press for making money."

Yes, there's video, but you pervs will be disappointed to learn that it is safe for work.

Hey, it's a slow news day.

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