Sunday, November 16, 2008

Has anyone else noticed the perverse irony of the Homosexuals vs. The Mormon Church?

In 1862, President Lincoln signed into law the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act which specifically targeted the Mormon religion, and banned plural marriage in favor of the Christian cultural norm that defined marriage as between one man & one woman.

The law was reaffirmed by SCOTUS in Reynolds v. U.S.: 1879. The Court firmly ruled against Reynolds' assertion that plural marriage was a First Amendment right.

Congress passed the Edmunds–Tucker Act of 1887 which strengthened anti-polygamy laws in a further affirmation of the Christian cultural norm that defined marriage as between one man & one woman.

SCOTUS again upheld such laws in the Mormon Church v. United States (1890).

Now, here in a new millennium, come the homosexuals demanding that their particular, peculiar predilection be defined as marriage. California was the latest battle ground. (I have my own objections to these types of democratic decisions toward moral imperatives, but that's another post)

Prop 8, which banned legal sanction to homosexual marriage (I'm sorry, but it simply is not 'gay'), was approved, 52% to 48%. Some media mouths tried to spin that victory as 'slim', but conveniently forgot that those same numbers propelled Obama to the White House with a 'mandate'. Go figure.

That defeat has the homosexuals hopping mad. They singularly blame the Mormon Church, for some strange reason, even though the evidence points to a pro-Obama surge of traditionally social conservative Latino & Black voters which sunk the measure.

But the Mormons have borne the brunt of this temper tantrum of hate from the 'open minded & tolerant' homosexual gangs. The same Mormon Church which tried mightily in the nineteenth century to have the laws of marriage redefined. I find that perversely ironic.

More irony.

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