Monday, November 24, 2008

More misplaced 'civil rights' relativism

And Reuters appears more than happy to hype the hyperbole.

Minorities fear trend from California gay marriage ban.

"SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California's gay marriage ban could open the door to legal discrimination against unpopular groups if the state Supreme Court allows the voter-approved measure to stand, blacks, Latinos, Asians and other minorities said.

The November 4 vote, supporting an end to legal same-sex marriage in the most populous U.S. state, has caused a nationwide furor as opponents of the measure decry what they consider a civil rights violation...

...Legal scholars say the measure, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, breaks new ground by limiting the courts' ability to protect minorities.

"They could take away any right from any group," said University of Southern California Law Professor David Cruz, who filed a brief in favor of gay marriage in an earlier case."

Total bvllsh1t!

Rights aren't being 'taken away'. Special privileges demanded by a particular group, engaged in what most sane people declare to be perverse & self-destructive behavior, are not being granted. And rightfully so.

Apparently, it's not enough that virtually an entire coastal city in California is evidence that homosexuals are not only welcomed, but free from legal ramifications to engage in their perversions.

Yet, to single out California's WW2 participation in the horrid chapter of Japanese-American internment camps as evidence of possible future persecution is not only specious, but insulting to those who lived through such indignities.

Race & religion are ingrained in the constitution. Sodomy is not.

Stop your adolescent political m@sturb@tion, and quit demanding that sane society call it 'marriage'.

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