Monday, December 01, 2008

Georgia Grudge Match: Chambliss(R) vs Martin(D)

"Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss is facing Democrat Jim Martin in a runoff. The vote is tomorrow; and it's all about turnout."

Boortz has the score card for whether or not the Dems will edge one closer to that magic '60' filibuster proof Democrat majority in the Senate.

Chambliss(R) is confident heading into runoff. Plus, Palin campaigns for Chambliss.

But don't get cocky. Nothing is sure thang.

You - yes, you - reader of this post, can step up and help. Click here. Do it now!

Meanwhile, Al 'foul mouth' Franken continues to circumvent the legitimate democratic process by pressing the courts with his sore loser tactics in his effort to steal a Minnesota senate seat.

Hey. Did you know that India & Pakistan both have nuclear arsenals? FYI

You're welcome.

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