Monday, December 01, 2008

Name that party!

FBI Arrests Birmingham, AL Mayor; Charged With Bribery, Money Laundering.

Lot's of details, but no info on his political affiliation.

~The ever objectively thorough Grey Lady just plumb forgot to put this guy's political party in their 14 paragraph story.

The Detroit Free Press doesn't seem to know, either.

~This is CNN, is this clueless, too.

~United Press internationally must have a bunch of mind reading readers.

~Not even the lil ol' local Birmingham News knows to what political party this guy belongs.

Anyone care to guess? Apparently, that's what big time news outfits make their readers do these days.

Anyone know to what political party Larry Langford, Birmingham's mayor belongs??


Anyone at all.

We'll wait for the crickets to quit chirping.

Lines are open.

Operators are standing by.....

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