Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Removing G%&3@//m Malware

Malware. I hate Illinois malware.

Malware: malicious software which 'hooks' into your op/sys to hijack certain functions.

I'm a very safe & savvy suffer. I only use FireFox. I utilize the very bestest in free spy and adware removal programs, plus immunization & firewall protection (not MS). I rarely get more than the occasional tracking cookie. I have a very clean machine.

Until this week.

Some fascist piece of hijacking dog squeeze known as 'virtumonde; virtumonde dot sci; WindowsUpd1 dot exe; sysupd dot exe; etc, etc' took over my browser.

GRRRRR! I don't want flying pop ups! I don't want to go to cyber h3ll - url dot adtrgt dot com!

Nothing worked. Not SpyBot; not Ad Aware; not HiJack This!; not Spyware Doctor.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware worked! Great program! And it's FREE.

Problem solved. It doesn't work on democrats, though.

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