Friday, December 05, 2008

What is Wrong with Pennsylvania?

"Obama mocked you to his liberal donors out in San Fransisco. He mentioned Pennsylvainians by Name. Yet the majority of you still Voted for him. Even when it was found out just days before the election that Obama planned to fine the Coal companies out of business, which would elimate a huge number of Jobs in Pennsylvania, still you Voted for him. That doesn't even make sense. And you can't just blame Philly, although it's tempting.

Tell me something Pennsylvania when will you learn? Murtha's back, Obama's President and we have you to Thank for it. Now your Governor, Fast Eddie Rendell is at it again. This time caught being his sexist self on video tape. Apparently Fast Eddie thinks only Childless women should hold powerful office. CNN's Cambell Brown in a rare moment of clarity in the segment, takes to task the Governor's idea that Janet Napalatanio's "perfect" because she has "No Life""

It's hopey-changey-licious!

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