Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yes, but they still call it an 'after Christmas Sale'.

Go figure.

"One of the sillier stunts this year was pulled by As Mark Steyn relates on National Review Online, Amazon invited customers to take part in their “Twelve Days of Holiday” sale. When he complained, Amazon changed the campaign back to “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

On radio host Michael Graham’s website, parents report that their kids’ teachers are inviting them to sing “The Twelve Days of Winter,” and “We Wish You a Happy Holiday.” Graham himself is mocking efforts to banish the “C” word by holding a contest in which people offer their favorite Christmas song butchery. One favorite: “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Thursday.”

Meanwhile, city leaders are going all out to yank the Christ child out of any and all Christmas events. Pittsburgh turned its annual Christmas tree lighting celebration into “Light Up Night.” And the people of Forks, Washington, held a “Twinkle Light” parade, complete with the fat, jolly guy who, not long ago, was linked to a certain Christian holy day."

These PC nitwits are a perverse parody of themselves. Pathetically intolerant of what they claim to tolerate - diversity.

Happy Pagan Festival at the Winter Solstice with Intolerance For Those Entranced with Religious Superstition, and to All, Good Home Owners Insurance when Illuminating Flammable Shrubs Erected Indoors!

But take heart, believers in the reason for the season. This suppression is nothing new.

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