Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Circus is in Town: Prayers, Prize Patrols, Prophesy & Translation, Please

You simply can't beat ol' BHO for a great show.

The guy's a class act in front of the telepromter. Yet, like an fantabulous Vegas magic show, you know the magician has constructed the set and fooled your senses, but you just can't quite fathom the mechanics of the trick.

The bitter clinging folks from days gone by ascribed that quality to the carnival barking, traveling evangelists. He is my shepherd.

"I shall not want. He comforts the afflicted. He is a miracle worker.

He promises to provide for Americans from cradle to grave, while lightening the load of government on the backs of ordinary Americans. He promises not to increase their taxes "one penny." He promises to reduce their taxes."

No, no. That's too jaded.

How about a modern miracle Prize Patrol?! Congratulations!! Here's a $300 billion check! Too bad it's for a bunch a already rich congress lovin' hoes from K-street - and you have to pay for it!!!

Other people's money. Like your grandkids'!

We in Missouri say "Show me." Well, our newly elected guuberner, Jay Nixon, did just that by spilling the uber-leftist, gimme-gimme beans on the record:
Missourians are entitled to stimulus money.
"Missourian's paid their taxes, and if there's debt, Missouri kids and grandkids will pay that debt off," Nixon said Sunday morning on C-SPAN's Washington Journal."

Did I mention there are big @ss clowns in this circus??

But what did Obama really mean?
Talking point.
Talking point.
Talking point.
Talking point.
Talking point.

Is it 2012, yet?


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