Friday, February 20, 2009

News Busted for Feb. 20!

(updated) Hot n Fresh.

"Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein compromised our nat'l security when she revealed classified information about U.S. predator drones. Naturally, Feinstein was immediately offered a job with the N.Y. Times."

In related news: The NY Times continued its race to the bottom as a leftist, defeat-o-crat mouthpiece when it suspended dividend payments to stockholders in order to raise cash to operate.

Shares closed Thursday at $3.51 - less than the cost of a Sunday paper - and the lowest price ever since the Times first went public in 1960.

Obama does owe the NY Times something for all that free campaign propaganda. So place yer bets, boys n grrls! How long before the Magic Unicornicopia of solve everyone's problem offers 'em a bail out?? to nationalize the newspaper??

the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News has already asked Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell for a $10 million bailout.

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