Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meghan McCain's Fave Pundit Explains Why Gordon Gekko is a Democrat

Surprised? Me, too. Gekko's a fictitious movie villain, so who really knows. But, the real life fat cat villains, more often than not, turn out to be heavy hitter contributers to democratic causes & candidates.

Take recent events surrounding Bernie Modaff, perpetrator of the biggest investor fraud in history - a $50-billion Ponzi scheme. He's been convicted, but since 1991, Madoff and Company Spent Nearly $1 Million on Washington Influence with 88% going to democrat candidates.

So why do people assume 'republican' when they think of congressional influence and corruption?

Back in 1989, 5 U.S. senators were accused of corruption in the Keating 5 scandal. John McCain(R) was one of those involved (and exonerated), but few remember that the other 4 senators were all democrats! John Glenn(D) was the only democrat cleared of wrongdoing.

The 2008 presidential election was the most expensive in history at nearly 1 billion dollars. Pres. Obama(D) raised 3/4 of that total.

Obama had help from some big contributers. George Soros was not only a big contributer & supporter of Barak Obama, he's the big money behind the radical, open borders 'Open Society Institute' & the liberal activist organization, 'Center for American Progress', plus the vile leftist propaganda outlet, Media Matters. During this worst economic downturn in 75 years, George Soros, one of the richest men in the world, is 'having a very good crisis' - he earned nearly one billion dollars in 2008.

How about yourself? Did you make 6 figures for 14 months of work? Pres. Obama's White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel(D), did just that in 2000-2002 during his 14 month stay on the board of mortgage giant Freddie Mac, who's portfolio of bad loans & corrupt accounting helped trigger the current housing crisis.

So why do people usually think 'republican' when buying the White House and influence?

Maybe it is safe to assume that Gordon Gekko is a Democrat. Take it away, Ann Coulter!

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