Friday, March 27, 2009

Mob Rule & Economic Terrorism at the G20 Summit

"Yes, we can" seems to be a popular phrase with some of these gangs.

The summit is schedule for April 2nd in London, and the violent adolescent anarchists and slacker entitlement gangs are all set to raise h3ll in the street.

"(Reuters) - Police are gearing up to deal with protests in London, as leaders of the world's largest economies gather for a G20 summit in the British capital on April 2."
"Join thousands of disgruntled, angry, pissed off people on the streets of the financial district," said a statement posted on the "Wombles" anarchist website.

* One anarchist Web site has warned of unspecified action at the summit itself.
"A day of f*#king up the summit and other adventures. Be warned. Be aware. Be ready!," it says.

Hey, kids! Dope it up on the street corner at night & sleep in your tax payer funded gub'mint school during the day and you, too, won't be qualified for anything, but this, as well!

Follow this link to MM's Place where she's compiled an interesting collection of facts n figures about these envious economic terrorists who's solution is anarchy & violence.
"The anarchists are reportedly using Google Streetview and Twitter to organize riots, hang businessmen in effigy at the behest of a university professor known as “Mr. Mayhem,” call for guillotining bank execs, and — get this — target London firms that fail to turn off their lights to commemorate that moronic “Earth Hour” event I wrote about earlier this week. If shops don’t worship at the altar of environmentalism, they will be broken into:"

Good thing these violent adolescent anarchists and slacker entitlement gangs aren't after minorities or other special interest groups, or the media might get upset.

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