Monday, March 09, 2009

News Flash: Democrats & Republicans are Partisan

To succeed, or not to succeed? That is the question!

Believe or don't, some members of Congress (and the current administration) are driven by ideology & agenda.

I know. I'm amazed, too.

It's a freakish phenom that occurs on both sides of the aisle. It's why it's called politics.

Surprisingly, Liberal politicos have private sector mouth organs that parrot the party line; i.e.: Time Magazine, The N.Y. Times, The Huffington Post, CBS News, The AP Wire Service, the entire FM radio band, and just about anything that comes out of Hollyweird, etc (I'd mention msnbc, if it had an audience, but you get the drift).

To the Right, you'll notice - FOX News.

Oh. And just about the entire spectrum of AM radio waves, otherwise known as - the monster under a liberal's bed - Talk Radio.

Those with two left ears just heard the words 'Rush Limbaugh'. I stopped listening to Rush back in '06, at the height of his GW Bush cheer leading days. I couldn't take it. But instead of demanding gub'mint intervention, I did what, apparently, many a liberal cannot do; I used the OFF button. You know, that same glib, condescending advice most people who can still blush or be offended get from the free speech absolutists screaming about 'censorship & rightwing oppression'? That OFF button.

I've stayed away from pursuing the latest Limbaugh lambaste mainly because I don't really care about something whose effect on my/your life for the next four years will be virtually nil. Instead, I've concentrated on the thin end of the wedge currently slicing through those former Obama Kool Aid drinkers starting to gag on the mega trillion dollar Obamacornucopia pablum. That's a much more interesting topic!

But this is too good to pass up: A 2006 poll dug up by the ever assiduous Patterico that shows 51% of those democrats asked, wanted GW Bush to fail.

Hmm. 2006. War. Mid-term elections. Katrina aftermath. No moral outrage over "WE WANT OUR PRESIDENT TO FAIL!"

Not that Liberals give a flying pile of dog squeeze about facts n figures.

Now, S.T.F.U!!

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