Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When Will Pres. Obama(D) Return His $101,332 AIG Campaign Contribution?

The feeding frenzy this A.M. is word that many top AIG execs have returned $30 million of the $165 million paid out in bonuses (paychecks, really, but who's to argue when Congressional malfeasance is in the water & mob rule in the air?).

When Will Pres. Obama(D) Return His $101,332 AIG Campaign Contribution?

Pres. Obama received that contribution during the 2008 campaign cycle - precisely the time AIG was gurgling down the financial crapper and subsequently received $150 billion gub'mint handout via RINO GW Bush.

Senator Chris Dodd(D) - Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who was instrumental in crafting the legislation which allowed the bonuses to be highballed to those AIG execs, has already returned his $103,900 in 2008 AIG campaign contributions.

Thank you, Senator. Leadership by example. You don't think his decision was influenced by the fact that his wife worked for a subsidiary of AIG? In the Bahamas. (I wonder why that company was based in the Bahamas, Senator?)

But, I digress. How about you Pres. Obama? A little leadership by example? When will you return your $101,332 AIG campaign contribution?

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