Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Abolish Greed!

There oughta be a law.

Years ago I watched an episode of the original 'Star Trek' TV program. In it, Kirk, Spock & Co. got flip-flopped into a parallel universe with barbaric dopple-gangers of themselves. After defeating the bad guys and safely back on the 'real' starship Enterprise in the alloted network 30 minutes, a curious crew member asked how they managed to avoid detection as interlopers in that barbaric, parallel universe? To which Spock replied, "It's easier for a civilized man to masquerade as a barbarian than a barbarian to behave as a civilized man."

YAF's Jason Mattera does a similar infiltration as he joins ranks at an anti-war rally in D.C. with the dissonant leftist utopians. Check out his cheap sunglasses and rad' rambling dialog. Major hilarious PAWNAGE ensues.

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