Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"The American Right to Be Rich"

This is an essay by DJD over at WB. I would change the title to read 'Everyone's Right to Have the Opportunity to Be Rich', but that is a small point. It doesn't take away from a very good essay about wealth generating capitalism plus personal liberty vs mob rule mentality plus class warfare hypocrisy which is endemic in the myrmidons of this current far left administration.

"It is the bane of democracy, when an emotional swell carries the people to a mad decision. And in the current climate, it's that recurring poison of class warfare and hatred of success in others. In recent weeks we have seen public attacks of a most unreasonable vituperance against executives of public corporations, banks, and a wide range of successful individuals. While the targeting has been selective - no one seems to ask why it is reasonable to challenge AIG executives for receiving bonuses that they can prove they earned, while ignoring, say, the millions of dollars paid to Freddie Mac and Fannie executives. No one seems to consider it just a tad hypocritical for wealthy politicians like Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid to complain about the wealth of people who actually worked for their money.

And then there is our President, Barack Obama. Obama made $22 million dollars writing books, and somehow believes that qualifies him to tell the rest of us that we're greedy. Madness is when people start telling us that this is an appropriate moral position, especially when the man telling us how bad it is to be rich, takes such pains to protect his own wealth and make sure his own comforts are provided."

Read it all, then let us hope that these pale little Robespierres are soon vanquished.

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