Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kirk Cameron interviews Ravi Zacharias

Distinguished lecturer, author and Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias shared his insights with Praise host Kirk Cameron.

"Is it alright to pay taxes to Ceasar?"

"Who's image is on the coin?"


"Then give to Caesar that which is Caesars, and give to God that which is God's. Now, who's image is on you?"

30 minutes well spent.

Side note: 'Fireproof' is a terrific screen play & wonderful film starring Kirk Cameron and great, inspirational cast of extras. Whether your marriage is 'made in heaven' or a 'vantage point for h3ll', I highly recommend this movie.

It's a great witness to the tender, passionate, eternal love God has for us, and an example for all spouses to always pursue one another throughout their marriage, good times and bad.

No, it's not a 'chic flick', guys.

End of sermon.

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