Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Passover Post on an Unexceptional, 'not a Christian Nation' America

It seems to be all the rage to proclaim an unexceptional, 'not a Christian' America. It's on the cover of Newsweek; Our Dear Leader themed his global 'apology tour' on this contrite unexceptional-ism; Network revisionist agitprop garners ratings.

How pathetic. And a mistake in a world of fascists and terrorists who would have no tolerance for this type of 'free speech'. Yet this dissonance is lost on the 'unexceptional' shills with their short attention span - and poor knowledge of history.

While legitimate argument can be made as to just how Christian the U.S. of A. may or may not historically be, there is certainly evidence to suggest that the predominant philosophical influence on our uniquely American culture was not rasta-farian, pasta-farian, mohammed-arian, or vegetarian, but Christian.

WAJ over at LI has a contemplative post entitled Passover Is No Time To Wish For The End Of Christian America that addresses these issues:

"When I think of the exceptional nature of this country, I also think of the rows upon rows of white crosses in cemetaries above the beaches of Normandy, of thousands of mostly Christian soldiers floating on the shores of islands in the Pacific, and the mostly Christian American soldiers who liberated numerous concentration camps."

I could say 'God save the Republic', but I'll leave you with a cautionary tale concerning cultural shifts that literally have scorched post-modern, secular European culture: How Are We to Know How to Act if We Don’t Know Who We Are?

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