Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wide, Wide, Wednesday

A look around.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese and Russian hackers have already penetrated the United States’ electrical grid.

"...researchers have already shown that “smart grid” technology isn’t particularly smart at all and you should be able to conclude that we have a problem. People who fundamentally do not understand the technology of the grid are making political decisions that are actually making the grid less, not more, safe."

Homosexual Families Invited to White House Easter Egg Roll.

Charter school students excluded from W.H. Easter Egg Hunt Tickets.

Obama Continues to Embrace Bush Position on Warrantless Wiretapping and Secrecy.
I say 'good'. The leftist 'we hate boooshitler' myrmidons predictably say very little, softly.

Today, the KC Star debuts a downsized newspaper. “We’re not dead yet!”

Somali Pirates Hijack American Flagged Ship, 20 US Citizens On Board. It was only a matter of time.

Toy Design Fail. Superman as a, ahem, man's man. (nsfw)

Congress dislikes poor, mostly black, children. D.C. School System Bids Farewell to Vouchers.

Smile Train
Providing Cleft lip and palate surgery to children all over the world.
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