Monday, October 05, 2009

More Rat Killin'...

Al Qaeda-linked leader of Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan confirmed killed in US strike in South Waziristan.

"Tahir Yuldashev was killed during a US airstrike in late August, an unnamed senior Taliban commander told The News.

"[It is] true he is dead," the Taliban leader told the Pakistani newspaper. "Unfortunately he was staying at the same house which was struck by the drone in South Waziristan in August."

Oddly enough, the remaining Islamic Movement rats are having trouble finding a replacement leader.
"The US has had fantastic success over the past two months. Five senior leaders have been killed in US strikes in Pakistan's tribal areas since the Aug. 5 strike that killed Baitullah Mehsud, who was the leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan.

Also thought killed are: Ilyas Kashmiri, the operations commander of the Harakat-ul-Jihad-Islami and the operations chief of Brigade 313; Najmuddin Jalolov, the leader of the Islamic Jihad Group, a breakaway faction of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan; Maulvi Ismail Khan, a military commander in the Haqqani Network; and Mustafa al Jaziri, a senior military commander for al Qaeda who sits on al Qaeda's military shura."

May the Lord have mercy on their miserable souls.

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