Wednesday, November 18, 2009

California Again Faces Massive Budget Deficit

As much as $21 billion dollars.

"Nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor projected state spending severely out of line with tax collections not just amid the current recession but for years to come. Solving the fiscal mess will require "painful choices" in both cutting services and raising revenue, Taylor warned.

The gloomy forecast, which comes after Sacramento officials have already raised taxes and slashed programs this year, portends a fierce budget battle again in 2010."

Recession crippled economy. Check.
Falling tax revenue. Check.
Deficit spending. Check.
Possible bankruptcy of state govt. Check.

Thank God California is tackling the important issues first:

New California Rules Ban Inefficient TVs
" Using more efficient televisions will require lower operation of power plants, which could cut air pollution like nitrous oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon monoxide and soot by nearly 880 metric tons per year, the commission said. It could also cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 3 million metric tons per year and reduce mercury contamination in the environment, as efficient TVs use less mercury, the CEC said. The rules will mean savings for consumers of nearly $20 a year per television, in lower electricity bills, the commission said."

Worship the Gaia. Because thwarting consumer choice, restricting sales tax revenue, banning power plant construction and the resultant jobs not created is such a progressive thing to do.

And everyone can do so much with an extra $20 per year savings. Especially the California unemployed fleeing that state of disaster.

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