Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Scozzafava Complains That Politics is a Dirty Business

The uber-liberal TPM links to a story from the Syracuse Post-Standard about Dede Scozzafava's withdraw from the NY-23 special election and her endorsement of opponent Democrat Bill Owens - instead of the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.

"Scozzafava denounced national conservatives for "the amount of hate and lies and the deceitfulness" used against her..."

Scozzafava went on to complain that "as the Republicans in Washington were changing their allegiances, no one bothered to call me."

Women hate that. But hate & lies? The conservatives were simply pointing to her record as a RINO.

And you can't expect a kiss from your date when you head for the backseat with his rival after the dance.

Next time, Scozzafava, just save us all some grief and register as a democrat.

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