Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nev. Teacher Allegedly Threatens Jewish Students, Denies Holocaust & Tells Anti-Semetic Jokes

Best of gub'mint school all?

She's the school's multiculturalism club advisor. The teacher may also face prosecution for a "hate crime."

True to form, the school district is calling the incident a 'personal matter, which is union-ese for "we'll sweep it under the rug and she'll keep her job anyways, you tax paying parental rubes."

Free speech should allow this nutjob say idiotic stuff. Being frikken stupid beyond belief should allow the administration to fire this nutjob.

Making threats of violence should allow criminal prosecution.

We'll see.

But prosecuting for a "hate crime" (as opposed to I really kinda like you crime?) is a slippery slope and nothing that any liberty loving citizen should cheer.

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