Friday, December 18, 2009

Operation Chokehold: IPhone Users Attempt Clog of ATT Network Services

Over the inter-tubes, this denial of service is considered a cyber attack.

From the Hill:

"Some iPhone users plan on hogging as much bandwidth as they can for an hour today in an attempt to clog AT&T's network.

The plot, dubbed "Operation Chokehold" by Newsweek columnist Dan Lyons, a.k.a Fake Steve Jobs, is in protest of AT&T's plans to charge high bandwidth users more for consuming too much data and slowing the network down."

Heaven forbid if those who consume the most services pay a higher fee. Apparently, that 'pay more' philosophy only applies to the income tax paid by evil rich people.

After all, why should this generation have limits placed upon them by evil corporations driven by profits?

And I wonder how many of these 'chokehold yahoos,' with their ubiquitous 'Me-phones' glued to their ears, vote democrat?

I've noticed this same 'gimme' mentality from this crowd concerning 'free' music downloads. Evil corporations have no right to with hold or demand payment for 'free' music.

This "Operation Chokehold" strikes me as just one more tantrum from a generation of adolescent entitlement junkies who see the world as their private candy store that all others must keep stocked on their behalf - or else.

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