Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Will PelosiReid Health Care Pay for Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome?

Or should it be renamed "Happy Hubby Syndrome?"

Woman's life made 'unbearable' by insatiable libido.

"Joleen Baughman, 39, was hurt in a collision two years ago, which damaged a nerve in her pelvis which controls desire, leaving it permanently switched on.

She now becomes sexually aroused by the slightest movement – while vacuuming, sitting on a bus, bending over, or even simply walking across a room.

The mother-of-two from New Mexico, USA, said: "It's unbearable. Just my clothes rubbing against me gets me so aroused I can hardly think straight.

"It's very embarrassing and it's impossible to concentrate."

Mrs Baughman, who lives with her husband Brian, 39, and two children, has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Restless Genital Syndrome, also known as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome."

Doctor, doctor, give me the news...

My guess? PelosiReid Health Care: abortions, yes. Treatment, no. And may even pay GLSEN to provide the condition to school children.

But I'm just jaded that way...

As it stands right now, nobody knows.

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